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IT Infrastructure Design

Design the layout and manage the installation of all of your critical technology spaces

Superior IT Services

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Why Hire St. George Consulting

A history of successful project leadership

Standards Based Designs

Designing and managing implementation of world class IT Network Infrastructures

A History of Success

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St. George Consulting:

Your Strategic Outsourcing Advantage.

St. George Consulting empowers its customers to do more with less through our expedient and successful execution of projects where internal skills are lacking or time and headcount are unavailable.  We know companies can't carry an employee full-time and long-term when the need is short-term and future demands are unknown.

St. George Consulting can manage your entire project or fill in gaps to greatly improve productivity and profitability.

Our project capabilities include:

  • Project Management
  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • Data Center Operations
  • Owner's Representative
  • Vendor Management
  • Document and Standards Creation and Management
  • RFI and RFP Bid Creation and Administration
  • Construction Administration/ Post-Construction Managed Services
  • Design Compliance Asset Management
  • Site Surveys and Capabilities Assessments