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Data Centers Why so many Data Center links? Because Data Centers are the core of all information technology and every piece of information you get on the internet comes from or through a DC of some sort. The bulk of all money being spent today in the IT world is attached in some way, shape or form to Data Centers. But mostly because we just really love doing Data Center related designs, construction and management.  Cool technology that continues to evolve and green initiatives that work toward a better way of doing things… some of the smartest folks in the IT world are make huge strides technologically and creating some waves too… read about them below. We will add more as we find new and even more interesting things to share.

Industry and Standards - Information Transport Standards - Home of RCDD,NTS, RITP,OSP and DCDC certifications Telecommunications Industry Association - THE place for true Project Management and PMP - The place to start for Agile Practices and SCRUM - This is where you can order virtually any standard you may need!


These are just a few of the many outstanding manufacturers and distribution channels. These are listed more as a convenient clearing house of quick links here for our customers use and not listed in any order of preference:

Manufacturers: - Ortronics, Electro-Rack, Wiremold, DC raised floor and thermal management products - Data Center Infrastructure and Power Management solutions – Berk-tek Cable