Our Project Mgmt. Approach PDF Print E-mail

Initiation Phase

  • Meet directly with clients to get a clear understanding of the project goals or problem needing resolution.
  • Perform a needs assessment
  • Define who all the stakeholders are and work to understand their views on the project
  • Understand what will be considered a successful project
  • Help develop a realistic project budget

Planning Phase

Working closely with the stakeholders, we define:

What actions need to occur

  • Who will be involved and their roles defined
  • Project timeline and major milestones
  • Known roadblocks and a plan to work around them
  • Communication planning
  • Meeting planning
  • Pre-task planning
  • Safety planning
  • Change management plan

Execution Phase

  • Safety comes first, always!
  • Manage scheduled project meetings
  • Maintain the defined project scope, saving schedule gaps and budget issues
  • Monitor the project progress and document IT
  • Maintain and integrate the project schedule and task delegation
  • Interface with other trades and construction managers as needed
  • Communicate clearly and often
  • Ensure that stakeholder expectations are met on time

Close Out Phase

  • Release final project deliverables
  • Release project resources
  • Communicate completion to all stakeholders
  • Supervise “lessons learned” meeting and document results
  • Manage budget closure activities