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What Industry Leaders
Are Saying

“David is a true example of the modern multi-faceted professional. His unique blend is of technical, sales, project, and business management. His strengths range from the board room to the field where he has ability to communicate equally with technical professionals and executives on a global basis.”

Jerry Bowman,
President/Chief Operating Officer, Beacon Solutions; President-Elect, BICSI

“David is an excellent project manager with construction, networking and extensive data center design/engineering background. I'd hire David in a minute.”

Vicki Green,
Data Center Operations Manager, Intel Corporation

“A unique blend of superior technical and applications savvy together with outstanding interpersonal skills; I could not recommend David more highly!”

Dave Crowther,
CSC (Communication Supply Co.)

“I’ve worked closely with David; he was asked the impossible time and time again and without fail, David delivered.”

Ed Bonnot,
Project Manager, Intel Corporation

“David is a high energy team player whose depth and breadth of technical as well as market knowledge make him a very dependable and critical member of our team. He is a "make it happen" versus "it can't be done" type of person.”

Jeff Bonja, Manager,
Advanced Technical Services, CommScope Inc.

“I’ve worked with David for several years on various projects in differing capacities. David is an excellent Project Manager – proven many times over. I highly recommend David.”

Jeff Hodgkinson,
Sr. Program/Project Manager, Intel Corporation

Dave Vago

Instrumentation and Controls Project Engineer at Intel Corporation

"It is not very often I get to work with someone as technically skilled and easy to work with as David. I have worked with David over the last few years on many types of construction and strategic projects. I was extremely impressed with his project management and technical skills. David knows how to run a project to meet deadlines and deliver a quality product. He is technically skilled in data centers and all aspects of IT. David would be an asset to any project team".

Jonathan Jew
Secretary TIA TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems at TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association)

"David is knowledgeable and a great guy to work with. He was a valuable contributor to the ANSI/BICSI-002 Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices Standard,"