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St. George Consulting, LLC is an emerging small Information Technology design and consulting business, headquartered in Gleneden Beach,Oregon.

We specialize in designing and managing implementation of world class IT Network Infrastructures.

Standards Based Designs

We follow the latest revisions of ANSI/TIA and BICSI standards. We are active members of multiple BICSI standards bodies and as contributing editors, continue to have an active role in development of the next generation of standards.

All of our designers are BICSI certified RCDDs (Registered Communication Distribution Designers).

St. George Consulting will never just default to the latest and so-called greatest infrastructure products. Those are usually the most expensive and there is no need to pay for something you will never need. Our product recommendations will be based on your current and future needs.

We also can create or review and revise/update your internal corporate standards. We understand that this is a time intensive effort that often gets pushed aside by the latest emergency or just higher priority projects. Let us do it… we like doing standards work.

Project Management

St. George Consulting has over 13 years experience in managing a variety of IT related projects. From simple cable plant expansions to managing the implementation of a Metropolitan Area Network, we have the experience to manage your next project.

PMP (Project Management Professional). Our PMs are all PMP certified by the Project Management Institute.